Exorcism, prayer for envy, evil eye

We pray to the Lord.

Lord our God, the King of centuries, the all-ruler and almighty, who create and alter all things by your will alone; You turned the seven times furnace and the flame in Babylon to a dew and you preserved safe the three holy youths; the doctor and healer of our bodies and souls; the security of those who hope in You; we pray and beg You to take out, send away, release every evil energy, every satanic attack and every spell, hostility, plot, sly curiosity, curse, damage and eye envy of beings from ...me your servant; and either from beauty or boldness or happiness or jealousy or envy that took place. You charitable Lord, extend your ruling hand and your powerful and highest arm and by your search examine your human ...me and send to ...me your peaceful and ruling angels guardians of ...my soul and body, to strike and send away from ...me every cunning will, every badness, spell and envy of beings, so your beggar, guarded, chant with joy to You: "The Lord is my keeper, I am not afraid of what a human can do to me" and again: "I am not afraid of evil because You are with me; You are God my strength, powerful ruler, chief of peace, father of the future century". Yes my Lord our God have mercy on ...me your creature and save your servant from every damage and influence caused by envy and protect ...me from every evil that is greater than ...me; break ...me free from every sin and any bondage; intercessions of the ever blessed, glorious lady, mother of God for ever virgin Mary, of the lighting Archangels and of all the Saints. Amen.

First exorcism of baptism

We pray to the Lord.

The Lord strikes you devil. The Lord who was born in this world and dwelt in the people so as to abolish your tyranny and save the people. Him, who on the cross triumphed against the enemy powers and the sun darkened and the earth moved and the tombs opened and the bodies of Saints rose. Him, who smashed death with death and abolished the kingdom of death that is you devil. I exorcize you against God who showed the wood of life and ordered cherubim and the fiery sword, the rotating, to guard it. Be struck and depart, against Him I exorcize you. Him, who walked on the sea like He walked on earth and rebuked the storm of winds. Him, who his look dries abysses and His threat melts mountains. Fear, get out, go away, retreat, leave from ...me, a servant of Christ, and do not come back neither hide in ...me nor have any connection with ...me nor meet ...me nor act in the night nor day or hour or midday but get lost to your precipice until the prepared great day of the final judgment. Fear God, who sits on cherubim and surveys abysses whom they fear all, angels, archangels, thrones, powers, orders, battalions, multi-eyed cherubim and the six wings seraphim whom they fear the sky, the earth, the sea and everything on them. Get out, depart and leave from ...me, a soldier of Christ, our God. Against Him I exorcize you Him who can walk on the wings of winds, Him, who made his angels spirits and his helpers fire burning. Get out, depart and leave from ...me, a servant of Christ, you and all your powers and angels. For it is glorified the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Second exorcism of baptism

We pray to the Lord.

God the holy, the awesome, the glorious, the incomprehensible and traceless in all His works and power. Him, who prearranged you devil the eternal hell to be punishment through us, his unworthy servants, orders you and all your collaborators to leave from ...me, servant in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our true God. I exorcize you, therefore, all-sly and dirty and infected and abominable and alien spirit against the power of Jesus Christ who holds every authority in heaven and on earth, who said to the deaf and dumb spirit get out from this person and never enter him. Depart, know your vain power which even on pigs did not have authority. Remember Him who ordered you according to your request to enter the herd of pigs. Fear God who by His command the earth is based on the water, who constructed the heaven and erected steadily the mountains and the valleys and placed sand as boundary of the sea and in stormy sea placed safe breakwater, the One who touches mountains and they become smoky, the One who is surrounded by light, like a leather cover, the One who mantles the waters, the One who grounds on the earth not to shake unto ages of ages, the One who collects the sea water and pours it on all the surface of the earth. Get out, depart and leave from ...me servant of Christ who is ready for the holy enlightenment. I exorcize you against the saving passion of our Lord Jesus Christ and His holy body and blood and against His awesome second coming. He will come and He will not be late judging all the earth and you and your collaborators. He will punish you to the burning hell. He will deliver you to the outside dark where the worm is sleepless and the fire never puts out. For the power belongs to Christ our God, and to the Father and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Third exorcism of baptism

We pray to the Lord.

Lord Sabaoth, the God of Israel, the healer of every disease and sickness, look at ...me your servant, search, explore, cast out, send away, release from ...me all the acts of devil. Strike the dirty spirits and send them away, and cleanse the creature of your hands, and use your enormous energy to smash satan under your servant's feet quickly, and give to your servant victories against satan and his dirty spirits so as to, after receiving your mercy, ...I become worthy of your immortal and heavenly mysteries and glorify You, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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