Jesus Christ, my Lord, inspired me to contribute to the fulfillment of the following:

1. Digital age.
2. CD's and DVD's.
3. Windows.
4. Internet.
5. Mobile telephony.
6. Lithium batteries.
7. NASA's space shuttle.
8. NASA's Mars expedition.
9. The use of computers in the making of the movies.
10. Movies such as The Untouchables.
11. Advertisements such as Fanta "Have fun have Fanta", Nike "Just do it".
12. Computed Tomography - MRI.
13. Decodification of DNA.
14. F16 airfighter.
15. Patriot.
16. Invisible air bomber.
17. Oil in Alaska.
18. One of the advisors of Mr. Bill Clinton during his era.
19. ATM (cash machines), when I was a boy
20. Contact lenses
21. Wind electricity
22. Credit, debit cards, when I was a boy
23. Face recognition by robots more than 20 years ago
24. Hybrid cars
25. Car airbags
26. Digital cameras
27. Car parking radar
28. Calculation of pi
29. Accurate artillery when I was in the Cyprus army
30. Refueling aircrafts in air
31. Airfighters flares (misguide the missiles)
32. Airfighters, F35, F22, introduction of two radders (one radder could not withstand the pressure)
33. Snowboard
And many more

I claim that the above are my ideas. I have changed the world with my ideas yet I am 57 years old and I am poor.

Cyprus time

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