Lord Jesus Christ I am asking You, who are the wisdom, to enlighten me and guide me to write something about how you were before time.

Time is defined as the measure of the change in the universe. The universe always expands. If the universe stopped expanding time would stop. Beyond the universe it is God.

There are three cases:
1. Time started from some point.
2. Time always existed.
3. Time does not exist.

1. Time started from some point
Let α be the number of years from the beginning of time until now. Let β be the number of years from the creation of the universe until now. The interval between the beginning of time and the creation of the universe is  α-β.

2. Time always existed
This means that the number of years, α, time existed until now is infinite. α=. Now, the interval is -β=. (if you subtract any number from infinity the result is infinity). The interval is infinite. It has no end it goes on and on the universe would have never been created. Therefore, for the universe to exist, time started from some point.

I think that the interval is zero. The creation of the universe and time started together (Big Bang, the beginning). Jesus Christ existed before time. In the beginning was the Word. (The Word is Jesus Christ).

3. Time does not exist
Something that does not exist cannot change. Einstein proved that time varies with relative velocity. For example, a man traveling with velocity near that of the speed of light in a ship, time to him passes differently than to someone standing on earth. The traveling man when he arrives to earth aged two years. Two hundred years have passed on Earth. He successfully traveled forward through time. In 1971, scientists used atomic clocks (extremely accurate clocks) to test Einstein's ideas. One clock was set up on the ground, while another was sent around the world on a jet traveling at 600 mph. At the start, both clocks showed exactly the same time. What happened when the clock was flown around the world returned to the spot where the other clock was? As Einstein had predicted in a general way, the clocks no longer showed the same time - the clock on the jet was behind. In addition, Newton held that space and time have an absolute reality.

There is the statement that the universe, space, physical laws always existed. I think that this is wrong, most physicists believe in the occurrence of the Big Bang. That is why it is observed that the universe is expanding, galaxies travel away from each other. The universe today is bigger than it was yesterday and if we go back in time we will conclude it started from a single point (Big Bang). Matter is compressed energy:
Under certain conditions, an uranium atom will split apart into two smaller atoms, such as barium and krypton. The combined mass of the two smaller atoms is less than the mass of the original uranium atom. Why? Because some of the mass of the uranium atom has been converted to energy. In a nuclear power plant, this energy is used to superheat water. The resulting steam powers a turbine and a generator, thereby producing electricity. Einstein proved that E=mc². Where E is energy, m is mass and c is the speed of light in a vacuum. Every creature has its creator. Its source. In this case it is pure, enormous energy. There is the law of conservation of energy which states you cannot produce energy out of nothing. The law of conservation of energy is the result of time and physical laws being symmetrical, constant, Noether's theorem. According to Noether's theorem if energy is produced out of nothing it means that time and physical laws broke they were reconstructed. Therefore, Jesus Christ established physical laws and time when He made the universe.

In the beginning was the Word (John 1:1).

Lord Jesus Christ, please, make everyone who reads this article to understand it.

Hint: Read it more than once.

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