Love wins

Some people, celebrities, are exposed more than ordinary people. They are seen by many eyes. For example, millions of people watch television and see these celebrities, some of these people are evil. When I sin I, myself, have an evil eye. I try hard not to sin but sometimes the inevitable happens. Who are the people who have got an evil eye? The foretellers and any other child of satan. Therefore, what do people who are seen by evil eyes do? How can they protect themselves? Is this the reason why celebrities' marriages last a short time? It can be because some of them are proud and selfish. Not all of them are like that and there is the aforementioned reason: evil.

When we are in repentance and we pray we are filled with the Holy Spirit. Then whatever we see and love it is sanctified. Also, whatever we touch it is sanctified. On the contrary when we commit sins, regularly, we are filled with bad energy, evil energy. Then when we see something especially with envy we transmit this evil if this something is sensitive and vulnerable.

People who are watched by many people I suggest you wear crosses if you want to be protected from evil. Repent, pray the prayer for evil eye. Make a cross on your body with your right hand like what the footballers do. Ask God to protect you. If you can, humiliate yourselves in front of the cameras. Receive worthily Holy Communion. Do not be afraid of the evil eye. Invite a priest in your house to sanctify you and your house, to sanctify water and then drink this water. The only real holy water is from only the Orthodox priests it never goes bad. You can drink it after one thousand years and it will still be fresh.

We all want our married partner to love us. How can we achieve this? Pray for your married partner. Be in repentance, confess your sins to a confessor, receive worthily Holy Communion (body and blood of Christ) and then pray to Jesus Christ, who is love, for your married partner. For example: Jesus Christ, you who are the physician of bodies and souls heal my wife from every sickness of body and soul. Or, give her anything she wants except to hurt me or do me damage. The more in repentance you are when you pray for her the more she will love you, she will adore you. There is a connection between you praying and your wife that connection is Jesus Christ who is love.

Furthermore, grab your married partner look into his/her eyes and say to him/her I love you. Feel and mean it. Love is the best shield it is the greatest weapon it destroys evil. With love you unite with your married partner nothing can break you up. With love you introduce God into your relationship God protects you both and guides you. Love wins.

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